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'Garrett is as Garrett does'

I’m Not Big on Holidays

November 23rd, 2003
by garrett

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You’ll have to pardon my lack of enthusiasm for the holidays. I certainly won’t rain on anyone’s fun, and more power to those who enjoy them, but my experiences with the holidays have always been…mixed. The Taylor clan has always been few in number, independent, and not particularly close.

Remember my earlier story about me and Riddle? And the part about following my dad, wherever he went? Well, all those trips took place during Connecticut school breaks. The summer visits were not that bad, but to afford airfare, my holiday visits started early and ended late. So while it seemed everybody’s friends and families were gathering together, I was always going away. If everybody was going shopping, I was travelling. Any present I got had to fit in a suitcase. And the Media’s image of holiday family cheer was somehow lost on the unaccompanied child waiting hours in the airport terminal for his connecting flight. I don’t say this for pity or sympathy. Just understand that the small, pleasant smile I’d give you when the holidays are mentioned is not because I like them – but because I am glad that you do.

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