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Why I love my Fiance

November 21st, 2005
by garrett

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Sometimes, I am blatantly reminded of one of the many reasons why I love my fiance. You may know my fiance as Skydweller – she can be seen on occasion playing games over Xbox Live.

Yesterday, the company she works for invited all it’s local employees to a “Toys ‘R’ Us” store that was kept open exclusively for them. The event featured a reasonable discount on purchases, free refreshments, and plenty of store employees to help out. We went and picked up one or two things. Wandering the store, I noticed that they had the XBOX 360 kiosk set up. No kids or slack-jawed freaks gathered around it – it just sat there, all alone. Score! Not one to pass up the opportunity, I grabbed a controller and was hooked. I was probably standing there for 2 minutes playing the Call Of Duty 2 demo, when my fiance walked up. She noticed what I was playing and said “Oh, okay. Good night.” She knows that I can get into “the zone” when playing games. I turned to her and tried to explain the true level of awesomeness of the game, but mere words failed me. She smiled and nodded, commenting “I’ll see you later, have fun.” After finishing the first demo scenario, I decided that if I was going to make it to the door without trying to pre-order it, I had to make a break for it. With a sigh, I put down the controller and stepped away. We made our other purchases and left shortly afterwards, sans 360. As it turned out, we had to go back to the store to get a non-360 Xbox for my soon-to-be brother-in-law. While she was finding out about the lack of discount for Xbox-en, I couldn’t resist the siren call – I played the 360 for five joyous minutes. We left again, sans 360.

Fast forward to tonight. After working in the workshop for about a half-hour, I sat down to watch some TV. She sat down and started reading her Oprah magazine. I sat there for another minute, then looked at her. I had thought about this occasionally during the day, but it never seemed to crystallize until right then.

“Dear, please don’t get me a Xbox 360. I don’t need one.”

She looked at me with a straight face, “Good, because you’re not getting one.”

“There’s better uses for that money.” Money can get tight around here and we have several large purchases coming up, not the least of which is our wedding.

“Okay,” and she returned to reading her magazine.

At this point I could have left it at that – if she was getting me one, I made the required objections to enjoy gaming on it guilt free. If she wasn’t getting me one, then I just sealed the deal and could forget about it. But not one to leave sleeping dogs lie, I continued.

“Dear?” I gave her my best I-know-you’re-keeping-something-from-me eyes-over-the-glasses look. A bluff on my part, but not without merit as I had bought her a 27″ TV and an Xbox as a birthday present earlier this year.

She smiled and bit her lip. Score one for male intuition!

“Who squealed?” she said, and the whole tale unfolded. Apparently, she had her mother scanning the web and one of my best friends looking for unclaimed Xbox 360’s. That’s on top of going to several retailers (Target, etc.) that evening and calling around to others while waiting in lines. She was number 23 out of 30 units at a local Target and was using her (real) doctor appointment this morning as a ruse to leave the house early to try to score one. She revealed that had she gone to the Ormond Beach Wal-Mart first instead of Target that night, she could have had one.

She was giving up money for the wedding to get me a game console.

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