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Xbox 360: Free Game with Every Console!

February 7th, 2007
by garrett

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Attention all Xbox 360 owners! You’ve got a free game the moment you purchased an Xbox 360! I believe it goes something like this…

Content: Xbox 360 Console Returns

Price: Free

Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions

When: You’re playing it right now!

Dash Text: [ESRB: AO (Adults Only) Strong Language, Mature Humor, Violent References] Tired of waiting around while your Xbox 360 Console gets ‘repaired’ in McAllen, TX?  Now you can increase your GamerScore by just letting your console do what comes naturally!  Rack up the GamerScore while you rack up the mileage to the nearest UPS store!  This game is free with every console. Note: ESRB Rating projected for overall Xbox 360 Console Returns experience.

Achievement List:

Just Breaking It In (20 points)
Return one defective console.
Post Office Veteran (40 points)
Return 3 or more defective consoles.
They Know Me By Name (20 points)
Return 6 or more defective consoles.
I’m With Underwriters Laboratories (10 points)
Return 10 or more defective consoles.
Red Light District (5 points)
Return 3 or more consoles because of the RRoD.
“It’s Not My Fault!” (5 points)
Return 2 or more consoles because of a firmware update.
“It’s Not A Cupholder?” (5 points)
Return 2 or more consoles because of DVD Drive failures.
Warranty Warrior (5 points)
Exercise 3 or more different warranties while returning defective consoles.
Points Hound (5 points)
Receive more than 10,000 Microsoft Points for “time and trouble”.
Comp King (5 points)
Receive 2 or more full retail games for “time and trouble”.
Wah! (4 points)
Complain about having to return a console for repair in an online forum.
Waaaaaaaah! (1 points)
Complain two or more times about having to return a console for repair in an online forum, during the same repair cycle.
Got Your Back (25 points)
Loan someone your only working console while theirs is being repaired.
Return to Sender (5 points)
Receive the same console that was returned for service, working condition not withstanding. Serial Numbers must match.
Support Center Roulette (5 points)
Talk to 3 or more Microsoft Support Personnel during one call, not including ‘Max’.
Support Center Jackpot (5 points)
Receive a callback for a Microsoft Support Center Personnel or Technician.
Jack Bauer Is A Wuss (5 points)
Spend more than 24 hours on the phone with Microsoft Support. Hold times count, time waiting for a callback does not.
I Know People (5 points)
Receive a personal correspondence from ‘Major Nelson’ (Larry Hyrb) in reference to a returned console.
“I can stop anytime…” (5 points)
Acquire a replacement console for the express purpose of gaming while the returned console is being repaired.
“…Really!” (5 points)
Keep the replacement console after the return of the original console.
Score! (Secret) (5 points)
Replacement console is a newer hardware revision than the console returned for repair.
DOA (Without the Cleavage) (Secret) (5 points)
Replacement console fails within 15 minutes of first use.
Chomp! (Secret) (5 points)
Have 2 or more retail game discs rendered unreadable by one console.

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