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A Disney Christmas

December 24th, 2007
by garrett

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Took the wife to Disney’s Magic Kingdom here in Orlando, Florida over the Chirstmas break as my present to her.  She is and will probably always be a Disney Princess.  She drank the Mouse-flavored kool-aid and promptly asked for seconds.  Anyway, here’s photographic proof that I’m still learning how to take a decent picture:

What the pictures don’t show is the immense flood of humanity, packed tightly together – the parks closed for general admission all the days we were there before noon.  Disney could not legally allow more people in the park.

More importantly for me, trips were not canceled for sick children or parents, they were here in full attendance.  This was a destination – Disney at Christmas – and despite the health hazards they created, they were not going to let several thousand dollars go to waste.  And what an international selection of sick children we had, German, French, Korean, Japanese, India, oh my!

It is a small world after all. A small world full of sick children all sneezing, coughing, and drooling snot being packed into one park.

And giving me a chronic chough that bloomes into mild bronchitis.

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