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Cool Toy D’Jour: Logitech Universal Remote

March 26th, 2008
by garrett

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I got a universal remote as part of my birthday present to me.

It requires a software install on a computer hooked up to the internet to really get the most out of it. The install went fairly smoothly. Shame on Logitech for requiring a reboot after the software installs. Reboot after install is so last millennia. I just fed in the make and model of the components I wanted to control, walked through the “I want to [watch dvd|play xbox 360|listen to radio|etc.]” checklists, then clicked ‘Upload’ to upload the data to the remote. Presto – in about 15 minutes I have a remote that controls nearly everything while I get up and get something to eat. Ain’t technology grand! The only thing it can’t control is some of the A/V setup functions for the receiver. The kind of options that you set once when you get the blasted thing and never change again.

The remote works as promised with one thing really standing out every time I use it. The remote sleeps it’s little display LCD after just a minute to save energy. Nothing special so far. What stands out is a simple tilt detector/accelerometer built into the unit that turns on the display if it changes orientation. Which is just what it does when I pick it it. By the time I can focus on the display, the screen is on. No button presses to wake it up, its just ready to go exactly when I need it to be.

Neatest thing since sliced bread, the Shopping Bags be damned.

…or until the next neatest-thing-since-sliced-bread comes along.

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