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Inauspicious Beginnings and the “Thousand Dice Salute”

March 4th, 2008
by garrett

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Hell of a way to start a blog – this is my first real entry and it is about the passing of a person who was one of the most influential people of my life, Gary Gygax. Never met him, but I definitely wanted to. As to why he was so influential to me, that’s a story that will be told by the rest of the blog…

Anyway , a friend sent an email:

I am proposing to all my friends that we take part in a “Thousand Dice Salute” tonight:

Tonight (and every year on this night), at precisely 9pm, we all must stop what we are doing, find a single die (preferably a d20, but other acceptable) and all roll our die in honor of Gary.

Drinking afterward is encouraged.

Spread the word to those who might what to participate.

I poured one out for the man, I then rolled 2 d20’s at once:

One was the my first d20 ever – a d20 from a light blue Dragon Dice polyhedral set that came with a black crayon to fill in the numbers. I bought the set in 1983 for $6.99 ( $6.50 + tax ) with a $10 dollar bill from a Hobby Town at the Charter Oak Mall in East Hartford, CT. Fellow gamers who have played at my table may know it by it’s more common name – the ever-rolling “Dice of Death”. It rolled a 12.

The other was an original Torg d20 – from the 1992 Torg Box set, the mixed blue and red ‘Eternium’ die. Probably the most used die I have. It rolled a 49 ( 10, 20, 19 ).

Since it was also my birthday, I had another beer.

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