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'Garrett is as Garrett does'

Broadcasting Bad Mojo

April 22nd, 2008
by garrett

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The wife and I have decided to renovate the living room. Take a look here and you can probably figure out why. We have just spent the entire weekend researching and comparing furniture at the multitude of retail furniture outlets around here. We’ve come to an agreement on some of the major items: new flooring, new sofa and loveseat, and a new entertainment center .

Over lunch, the wife takes it upon herself to continue shopping for the items we agreed to get. She sent images of some finds in a store that was two towns over (Daytona Beach -> Holly Hill -> Ormond Beach). Clearly, since we’ve already decided to buy these things, my thinking is that these must be jaw-droppingly good deals to completely invalidate two days worth of work. I was to pick her up from work and then together we would travel to Ormond to look at her suggestions. The drive from my office to hers is 5 minutes, tops. She calls to check if I am leaving, I tell her I am leaving as soon as I hang up the phone. What I didn’t say is that I had forgotten my cell phone at home. She assumed that I would call when I got there, and I had no way to call her when I got there. You can see where this is heading. Twenty minutes of waiting outside her office later, we’ve finally ready to go. I’m very irritated about both having to check more things out – Didn’t we spend all weekend doing this? – and having to wait another twenty minutes for the privilege to do so – I’ve got nothing better to do!.

The scene has now been set, the actors are on stage: I’m driving the car, the wife sitting next to me. We’re waiting at a long red light to make a u-turn, because the wife said ‘south’ when she really meant ‘north’. My stewing was interrupted by the screeching of locked brakes from a oncoming car. The car simply stopped in the middle of the intersection, it occupants clearly confused. While there was enough space to complete the u-turn without hitting them and they were on a phone within moments of the car stopping, I made a very conscious decision to pull over and help them push the car out of rush hour traffic. I got some help from a cowboy-hat wearing fellow from the nearby “Rockin’ Ranch“. Even with the one of the passengers of the car, we couldn’t budge it. As it turned out the car just had the right front bearings worked on and that they had seized up. That explained the screeching to a stop earlier, there was no way we would be able to move that car. The driver finally got off the phone and said there was a tow-truck on the way. Cowboy-hat and I were thanked by the driver and passenger for trying to help, and as we walked away, cowboy-hat and I shook hands. He was impressed that I had stopped to help a stranger and event though we couldn’t actually do anything it was still a ‘good deed’. I thanked him again and we parted ways.

After the u-turn, my wife and I were on our way again. Not 50 yards away (and a section of road I had passed going the other way) we had to go around a fender-bender. A younger driver had hit the rear of an older driver’s land-yacht just about the time the previous car’s bearings seized.

Did all my negative energy / bad mojo trigger these small annoyances? If so, I have to find a way to bottle it…

PS: The wife did find a fairly good deal in Ormond, we went with that instead.

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