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Garage Sale!

April 26th, 2008
by garrett

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The first step in our ( the wife and I ) plans for renovation out living room was to get rid of the old furniture. The best way to do that is via garage sale, but furniture alone doesn’t really draw a crowd. We need to sell more stuff. Luckily (!?) the wife and I are packrats, so it was just a matter of sucking it up and saying goodbye to a lot of our clutter. Please understand this photo is the result of nearly 3 days of cleaning and pricing stuff, finally moving it to our living room for quick egress of said stuff the morning of our garage sale:

What junkyard threw up here?

What junkyard threw up here?

We advertised that our sale would start at 0800 hrs localtime. We had people driving by at 0430 hrs! We started setting up at 0600 hrs, bringing out boxes of stuff and furniture as well as setting up tables. Still more drive-bys. At 0700 hrs people were stopping in the middle of the road and getting out to start buying. Despite the sign saying “NOT OPEN”. The wife thought that I was silly for making the sign – up until the point she posted out in our driveway. We shooed people away until 0745 hrs. By then, cars were stopping two at a time in our very narrow street. It was obvious that we couldn’t hold back the tide and finally started the garage sale.

To all Garage Sale buyers:

  • Don’t show up an hour early to buy something, then get snarky about us selling it to someone else who showed up when we opened.
  • Negotiation is a two-way street, I tell you what I’m willing to sell it for, if you don’t like it, make an offer. Maybe we can agree on a price, maybe not. But “Can’t you do better?” is not the sole response to an offer during negotiation. Especially if you mill about for 10 minutes trying to talk me up to lower the price. Even then, if you don’t agree with my “bottom line”, fine. Get an attitude about it – please leave.


We didn’t make truly mad bank on the deal, but we did get rid of a lot of stuff:

Ahh... much better.

Ahh... much better.

And enough money to replace our front door or get a really nice bookshelf.

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