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Living Room Renovation (Stage 5a)

May 5th, 2008
by garrett

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Or in other words, desperately wiring the new shrine so that we can once again gaze upon the Electronic Demi-God with love and awe. Again with the non-trivial A/V setup:

  • Wire drops in the attic and wall for the surround sound speakers. Love that attic in the Florida heat!
  • Run Ethernet, cable, and the four connecting posts for the surround sound through one outlet box.
  • Wire left front speaker in left tower.
  • Wire power and output to sub-woofer to the left of the left tower.
  • Cut three extra holes to help wire and dissipate some of the heat in the right tower. Still had to drill a fourth hole and leave the door open, else the Xbox 360 cooks itself to a ‘two red rings’ death.
  • Install Xbox 360, Cable HD-DVR, and right front speaker in right tower. For those keeping track, that’s a total of two power ins, two data ins, one sound in, one component out, one HDMI out, two fiber out.
  • Install center speaker, CD player, and wire everything through three holes I needed to drill into the back. Note that all wiring must be done before the A/V Receiver is installed. There is simply no way to adjust wiring while the receiver is in there.
  • Hope everything works.

Which leaves the center console looking exactly like this:

The two hour wiring job...

The two hour wiring job...

Five minute break. Then back into the breech…

  • Wire into A/V Receiver in center unit.
  • Consolidate the three pieces of the entertainment center.
  • Plug everything in.
  • Hope that everything works even more, because I really don’t want to pull this thing apart again.

Once the wiring was done, I bade the Great Electronic Demi-God enter. And so It did. It looked upon the shrine and saw that it was good. It rested and lo, when the shrine was missing no part, It did bathe all in Its infinite entertainment. A brief movie to document Its glorious march (Play Also sprach Zarathustra in your head while watching):

Return of the Electronic Demi-God

The long absence from it’s rightful place brought misery to my house and did cause it to be miffed. A final offering of two shelves was enough to placate It. For many moons to come the House Of Taylor shall sup upon Its most magnanimous effluence.

The Electronic Demi-God spread the Word and the Way once enshrined.

Speak to Us , oh Bringer of Knowledge!


Oh yeah, the wife is now on board with the yellow, er, Almond Glaze. (“It’s growing on me.”)

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