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'Garrett is as Garrett does'

Pity? For Me?

June 2nd, 2008
by garrett

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My lunch went something exactly like:

“I’ll have a diet coke and she’ll,” motioning to an empty seat,” have an sweet tea, no lemon.”

Drinks are delivered and minutes pass…

“I’ll have a pulled beef lunch with crispy fries and coleslaw, she’ll,” motioning to the still empty seat, ” have the chicken breast with green beans and crispy fries.” In response to the subtle look from the waitress, “She’ll be here very soon.”

Time passes and the food is delivered. I start eating. As I get near the end of my food some time later, I stop the waitress. “Can I get a to go box for her,” motioning to the still empty seat. The look of pity and sorrow on the waitresses face was quite a surprise and is the only reason I wrote this entry to an otherwise fairly normal day.

A phone call just before leaving the Sonny’s parking lot cleared a few things up. As is turned out I was waiting for her here, while she was waiting for me there:

Me: Hi.

The Wife: Where are you?

Me: Sonny’s. Where were you?

The Wife: Larry’s. Please carry your cell phone with you.

Me: I had it up until I left the car in parking lot, about quarter after. I was in my office until ten after just like I said I would be.

[…conversation continues…]

How “Sonny’s” ( a southern chain BBQ house ) could be confused with “Larry’s” ( a local sandwich shop chain ) over a crystal clear IP-to-IP phone connection is beyond me.

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