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'Garrett is as Garrett does'

Third time’s not quite the charm…

June 22nd, 2008
by garrett

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I was enjoying a Hardcore Team Deathmatch in CoD4 when my Xbox 360 froze solid. It has been quite dependable over the last year and a half.  Frozen less than a handful of times.  This one, however, was the deathknell for the white box.  I rebooted, and was treated to the Xbox 360 start up logo with areas that were covered in checkerboard-style squares.  Uh oh.  I saw this on my other machines ( I’ve gone through two others ) just before they failed as well.  I shut down the machine, unplugged everything, removed all the accessories and restarted.  Nothing, just the dreaded “Three Rings of Death”.

I still have ‘Xbox support’ on my cell phone.  Calling the 1-800 number, eventually I was connected to an agent was difficult to understand.  His accent wasn’t thick, but the connection was awful.  Speak…<pause>…answer…<pause>…speak…<pause>…ad nauseum through the whole conversation.  I wonder how many exchanges in eastern Europe the call had to bounce through.  After twenty minutes on the line, I was informed that their system was undergoing services an that could I please call back within 4-8 hours. Ugh.  At least the agent gave me a reference number.

Assuming I can get everything squared away tomorrow, I estimate 6 weeks until I get a working Xbox 360 back from the repair station.

Now I’m going to have to pay attention to the wife.

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