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Garrett in Crisis! The Xbox Disaster: Day 20 – It Is Done!

July 11th, 2008
by garrett

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Strike up the band and hand out the cigars!  My Xbox is back from McAllen, TX with a much quieter DVD drive and fans.  Technically, it’s a whole new machine that was built on April 11, 2008. But I am just going to ignore that fact and jump around saying “It’s back! It’s back! Wheee!” before I sit back down at my little iMac and log some more time on Azeroth.

Anyway, it came back with a pleasant little letter assuring me that Xbox Support had already transferred the downloadable content licences to the new Xbox. All I had to do was re-download the content to certify the console with Microsoft’s licensing servers.  Unfortunately it must be done manually by sitting in front of the console and going through the clunky Xbox LIVE interface to separately re-download each and every piece of the content I have already payed for.

Had I known that the letter lied and that Xbox Support did no such thing, I could have saved myself about 30 minutes of my life and a whole lot of aggravation.  As it turned out, I needed to transfer the licenses, then re-re-download each and every piece of the content I have already paid for.  And then had to get the wife to do the same.

DRM can officially bite my shiny metal ass…

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