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'Garrett is as Garrett does'

Baxter: Sommelier Extraordinaire

September 2nd, 2008
by garrett

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The wife and I have the mother-in-law over for dinner. We’re catching her up on the renovations and adventures in home repair, when I hear the dog lapping at his water dish. I continue talking a few seconds before the *CRASH* of glass shattering makes me perk up. Naturally, a noise that loud from the kitchen (where the dog has his water bowl) means a lot of glass just broke. I am about to jump up and shoo the dog out of the kitchen, when the wife says to the dog, “Oh you…”

As it turns out the wife had placed her wine glass on the floor and the dog was lapping noisily from that. The crash we heard was the dog knocking the wineglass over while trying to empty it.  We think he got a good ounce of wine before the proverbial gig was up.

He weighs 80 lbs, so aside from an increase in chop-licking and head-tilting, we expect him to be fine.

"Okay now what?"

"Okay now what?"

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