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Vacationing: It’s All About The Company You Keep

October 23rd, 2008
by garrett

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Back from a vacation that was cut short by several days.

Let me say that I do like the Florida Keys, its very nice down there – tropical foliage, blue waters, constant sea breezes.  The problem I have is that there are people there.  And most, if not all of them, are there exclusively to take your money.  Parks full of transients looking for handouts, the Lincoln-and-Hamilton-ing of the hotels (nickle-and-diming in the modern economy), a punitive parking system, the well-dressed kids under the leadership of less well-dressed young men seeking ‘donations’ at gas stations, pay-by-the-minute wireless connections, private tours dressed up as quasi-public transportation, the list goes on.

I strongly recommend you read the wife’s view on the matter (link temporarily removed).  Add in some ‘colorful metaphors’ and shake vigorously.  Depending on my level of bile, I may post more on the matter.

The last day of our vacation, I absolutely refused to spend any more money in Key West.  I paid off my previous contractual obligations, visited the southern most point in the USA, and left as fast as legally allowable.  It wasn’t until we were physically off Key West that I asked my wife were we should stop for food, my own belly rumbling.

I really wanted to stop the car, get out and yell “FUCK YOU!” to the entirety of Key West. I controlled the urge for two reasons: I didn’t want to insult the two friendly gentleman who greeted / helped us as we struggled to find “Blue Heaven” and I didn’t need to pay for another civil infraction.

But I got to spend some time with the wife.  That makes it a great vacation.

Edit: Here’s a panorama from our hotel room…

The view

The view

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