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Those blasted elves…

December 11th, 2009
by garrett

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I step out for the day and BAM!¬† They sneak into the house and put presents under the tree, drop some ornaments for the tree, then leave.¬† I know as a modern educated liberal, I’m not supposed to think poorly of elves. Elves do what elves do, they can’t help it.¬†Dropping presents, leaving holiday cheer everywhere – there’s just no stopping them. Would you hate the dog because he sheds? Or hate birds because they can fly? Or fish for swimming?

Tree after initial set up...

Tree after initial set up...

This is what happens when elves run amuk.

This is what happens when elves run amuk.

So no, I don’t – can’t – hate elves. But I wish they would leave all that cheer somewhere else, my cheeks hurt.

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