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'Garrett is as Garrett does'

And So It Goes, Again – for the Fourth Time

May 30th, 2010
by garrett

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Naturally, the day I finally get the game I’ve been waiting for, my Xbox 360 decides it’s going to take a dirt nap.  Two of my previous 360’s have died by the dreaded and greatly feared Red Ring of Death (RROD), another’s DVD was bricked by a mandatory Dashboard Update.  This time it’s the less publicized E74 error.  Of course both the RRoD and E74 are caused the same poorly designed, under-cooled graphics subsystem.  But by splitting up the codes, it gives Microsoft smaller individual failure rate numbers.

The current (broken) box is out of warranty and I’m not paying to have it ‘fixed’ so it can melt down again in six months. Despite the grumping and moaning, I’ll just pop over to a big box store and scoop up a Xbox 360 Arcade –  ‘cuz  I needs me mah gaming fix.

Then the real fun begins, the DRM six step two-step

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