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I Don’t Lose It Often…

May 14th, 2010
by garrett

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My glasses – yes. The battle with my waistline – a thousand times, yes. My cool? Rarely.

I happened to be crossing the busiest intersection in Volusia County, Clyde Morris Boulevard and International Speedway Boulevard (ISB), when the elderly driver in a plain white Toyota stopped suddenly and directly in front of me. Normally this isn’t a problem and happens all the time in Florida, but they stopped directly under the green light to decide where to go next. Stopped. On ISB and Clyde. You don’t stop. Ever. That’s just not the way things are done. Heck, even the red lights are merely mild recommendations for slowing down.

Anyway, back to the rapidly approaching crash. I had done all that I could do and now was just along for the ride straight into the back of stopped Toyota. If you’ve ever watched yourself helplessly crash into another car, you know the mixed feeling of fear induced perception warping and total helplessness. As it turned out, I stopped just short of colliding with the blockage. My adrenaline was pumping and I was focused like a laser on the driver in front of me. I had about a second – if that – of seething rage and expletives before I was violently pitched forward again. My car being hit from behind barely registered and I never got a good look at the aged Minivan behind me. That how focused I was on the driver in front of me. See, as quick as I was to stand on the brakes to avoid a crash, the driver behind me wasn’t.

Judgement still clouded by adrenaline, I accelerated out of the intersection and followed the Toyota as close as I could to memorize the license plate. Somewhere in the fuzzy outer regions of my brain, I suppose I was expecting the Minivan to follow me and the Toyota into a parking lot for the Great Insurance Information Exchange. The Toyota pulled off into the nearest parking lot, but oncoming cars blocked my entrance long enough for the Toyota to disappear into the nearly full lot. The Minivan was nowhere to be seen. It sunk in after a few seconds that I had lost my cool and with it, any chance for bureaucratic-based justice.  Score one for my Id.

Overall, there wasn’t a lot of damage. The right rear bumper shows minor deformation in the plastic, the backup light is cracked (but still whole) and the lower rear quarterpanel was slightly repositioned – but I have to point these things out for people to notice.

So, to whomever was behind me travelling north on Clyde Morris while crossing ISB and wasn’t paying attention, I’m giving you a pass on this hit-and-run.

You’re welcome.

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