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Game Aid: Tales of Vesperia – Waitstaff

August 25th, 2010
by garrett

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While playing the game ‘Tales of Vesperia‘ I ran across a silly little mingame for each of the characters – basically you memorize the ‘orders’ from the ‘Tavern Sagittarius’ patrons, enter them at the kitchen correctly, then return to the table with the order.  Of course, the citizenry of Dahngrest are a fickle bunch and change their orders frequently. Trust my real-life experience on this – it is a surprisingly accurate model and should make you want to stab somebody by the third “Forget that last one…”

Anyway, I made this PDF to help me with the Level 3 orders.  There are two full menu blocks, use one column for each order, and don’t write anything until they say ‘and’ – saves you a lot of aggravation.

Tales of Vesperia Waitstaff Card v2

Why go through this? First it is the only way to get Costume Titles for Rita, Estelle, Karol, Judith, and Raven.  Second, Raven can earn 250K gald for the eight orders at Level 3, not a bad way to work on the “Earn 10 million Gald” Achievement.


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