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'Garrett is as Garrett does'

Writing Fiction to Exercise the Creative Within…

May 16th, 2011
by garrett

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Here’s a few pieces of fiction I’ve cobbled together over the past few months. The inspiration for these pieces is a series of Kingmaker adventures for a fantasy role-playing game called Pathfinder.

Yeah, they’re no Hemingway but I had fun writing them¬† Hope y’all enjoy the PDFs.

  1. Perchance, A Wandering Star
  2. The Long Ride Home
  3. New Magister In Town

More as I get inspired. Threat, promise – take it as you will.


Author’s Note: There’s one line in ‘New Magister In Town’ that was not part of the story in my head. I needed to break a big paragraph up, so I threw it in there.¬† As soon as I finished the sentence though, I got a chill – everything in the story suddenly clicked (to me anyway) and I was inspired to write another three pages that night. Guess which line?

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