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DramaDeckBuilder v5 – Not Quite Yet

October 3rd, 2011
by garrett

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So I’ve been working on v5 of my DramaDeckBuilder Application for a little bit.  I’ve got the core functionality done, but I still need work on a sensible UI (as in one that doesn’t require at least a hour of training to handle) and nail down the output formats.  My ultimate goal is to be able to produce either a single PDF for POD services like Superior POD or take the tedium of creating 150+ images ready for a service like ArtsCow when I want print up a new deck for a new genre (Torg, In Nomine, Heavy Gear, etc.).  Some of the new features are shown below:

If I can scrape together some cash, I may be able to release it as a executable instead of a just a Filemaker Pro 11 database.

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