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Uninvited Houseguests – Three Down, Two to Go?

March 17th, 2014
by garrett

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While cleaning a section of the garage, I found a dead and slightly dissecated younger uninvited house guest.  That makes for two living and one dead guests that have been relocated (living ones to a feild away from housing, dead to the trash can).  I suspect there are two others trapped in the house, but now they aren’t getting high-quality cat food.

I suspect they are slowly starving to death – noises in the attic each night aren’t lasting nearly as long as they have in the past and some nights are now totally quiet. I wish I could go up there and shoo them out or that they would eat the peanut butter left in the no-kill trap, but any opening could let more in and they seem to be wary of the trap now.

Looks like I may have to fetch their carcasses out of the walls at somepoint in the future…

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