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Driving Developers to Drink: Filemaker Edition

May 16th, 2014
by garrett

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Part 2 in a ∞ Part Series

Just spent 3 hours figuring out that Filemaker Pro v11.4 (released late  2011) can’t properly handle Unicode characters in a pulldown menu.

That’s right, it’s a known issue since early 2008 – at least two full versions prior to my ‘old’ v11 version:

This is definitely a FileMaker Pro problem.  Development is aware of this issue.  As you have discovered, this only happens with pop-up menu.  No additional information is available at this time.

Filemaker Forums: no unicode support in pop-up menu with value list

The reason I found this out is that I was trying to use Unicode non-printing characters to work around the “Can’t usefully sort a pull-down” gotcha that still exists despite Filemaker, Inc. having over two decades to figure something out. Sigh.

If you’re wondering why you don’t see a lot of Filemaker Pro stuff (solutions, jobs, etc.) out there: Filemaker, Inc. has done its darn best to turn a deaf ear to feedback and saddle developers with decades old workarounds, poorly implemented indexes, and an archiac toolset from 1995 that is getting by on milking businesses suffering from lock-in. Really, the only thing I see Filemaker going for it is a Mac native interface.  As a Mac user myself, it’s great – as for the rest … Filemaker, Inc. simply let the world pass them by, content to be the big fish in an ever-shinking ecosystem.

I’ll still use this version for visually building data models for my personal projects, but as a real solution for my work – it’s done.



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