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9 Years of Awesome

May 14th, 2015
by garrett

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Baxter ( aka: Thing 1, Porkbutt, Bugbug, Booger dog, Pickles, Monkey Monster Dog, Pigdog, and Stinkdog ) was 9 years worth of awesome – noisy, destructive, protective, snoringly stinky awesome.

It wasn’t enough, but it’ll have to do.

Age and diabetes, caught up with our overweight dog. He suffered acute kidney failure, and we believe pancreatitis, that ultimate led to him being in constant discomfort and unable to sleep or eat at the vet. hospital. After stabilizing him, we took him home in hopes that he would finally eat. He couldn’t and after one night back home, the wife and I made the decision to euthanize him.

His last conscious act as the first stage of the drug cocktail to end his life took effect was to swivel his head directly into my lap and look up at me. He was facing the opposite direction and needed to crane his head very unnaturally to do so. I know it wasn’t a tremor or spasm, he just wanted to be closer. His eyes half closed and the tongue tip curled out letting me know that he was asleep.

I missed the first moments of the euthanization’s second stage because I turned into a blubbering mess that couldn’t even speak. I wasn’t more than a few feet away and was able to recover long enough to be petting Baxter as the vet pronounced him dead.

Updated: Captions, nicknames, his illness, and his last moments.

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