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'Garrett is as Garrett does'


June 13th, 2015
by garrett

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Things have been really tight recently, fiscally speaking.  Choosing between mortgage and food for the month kind-of-tight.  But recently I’ve come into some work and my mood has lifted.  Below is a snippent of a conversation between me (ME) and the wife (TW):

ME: Ya know, I’m feeling not so bad…

TW: I’ve noticed you’ve been doing better.  Is that hope?

ME: No…it’s more like…the cessation of despair.

TW: Hmnnh…like a weight has been lifted.

ME: Yeah, but you know I’ve been watching Larry Wilmore a lot…

TW: and…

ME: So just because a slave can drop the 50lb. sack of flour he’s forced to carry, doesn’t mean he’s not a slave anymore.  He’s still a slave – just not with a 50 lb. sack of flour on his back.

So things are still tight – but we should be able to make the mortgage and have food during the month soon.

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