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Those blasted elves…

December 11th, 2009
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I step out for the day and BAM!  They sneak into the house and put presents under the tree, drop some ornaments for the tree, then leave.  I know as a modern educated liberal, I’m not supposed to think poorly of elves. Elves do what elves do, they can’t help it. Dropping presents, leaving holiday cheer […]


Demotivator: Control

March 23rd, 2009
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Quick Demotivator Poster that’s been lingering in my brain for a while. I’ve got a poster print of the image, and I’ll get it framed to match this layout. Image used without permission of Publisher Steve Jackson Games or Artist David Martin.

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‘We are one people. With one will. One resolve.’

October 7th, 2008
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Every time I hear a politician or a religious pundit tell me what I should do, I tend to filter them out.  Then  ask myself why would people want listen?  Then I remember the vision of ‘Big Brother’ from the Apple ‘1984’ commercial : “For today we celebrate the first, glorious anniversary of the Information […]

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A Disney Christmas

December 24th, 2007
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Took the wife to Disney’s Magic Kingdom here in Orlando, Florida over the Chirstmas break as my present to her.

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For those with inquiring minds as to why Wall Street is tanking…

August 17th, 2007
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Yes it’s off “teh InterWebs”, but the logic is pretty sound.  It’s a long thread, but if you want to know just whats going on with the sub-prime market and why it’s hitting Wall Street hard, please peruse this condensed / edited thread. Orginal source: Fark from August 2007 NEWS ITEM: Federal Reserve Cuts Discount […]

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