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So, just how much does a Maytag dishwasher cost?

October 21st, 2012
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Much more than I paid, apparently.  The part that was failing, then unfailed, has now failed for good.  The entire dishwasher was effectively dead as the Control Panel just doesn’t work.  I ordered a replacement part ( $127.35 with S&H) and within two working days, we had a dishwasher again.  No trace corrosion like last […]

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And So It Goes, Again – for the Fourth Time

May 30th, 2010
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Naturally, the day I finally get the game I’ve been waiting for, my Xbox 360 decides it’s going to take a dirt nap.  Two of my previous 360’s have died by the dreaded and greatly feared Red Ring of Death (RROD), another’s DVD was bricked by a mandatory Dashboard Update.  This time it’s the less […]

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Breaking Away Part 37 – The Return To The Road

May 15th, 2009
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While waiting for the detailers to finish giving my car a good twice over, I found a Bicycle Store within walking distance. Yay for free Wi-Fi! Anyway, I bought a new bare-bones TREK bike for $330 inc. tax. Rode it home and back to the detailers (about 4 miles round rip), reveling in the freedom […]

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Rock Band: Fun for Mr. Fumblefingers

March 21st, 2008
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While hanging out a friend’s house, I noticed the Rock Band setup – it’s hard to miss the drum set and the two guitars in the corner of their living room. If I were to wax academic on the matter, I would consider Rock music to be a very socially oriented activity. Rock Band seems […]

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