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'Garrett is as Garrett does'

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9 Years of Awesome

May 14th, 2015
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Baxter ( aka: Thing 1, Porkbutt, Bugbug, Booger dog, Pickles, Monkey Monster Dog, Pigdog, and Stinkdog ) was 9 years worth of awesome – noisy, destructive, protective, snoringly stinky awesome. It wasn’t enough, but it’ll have to do. Age and diabetes, caught up with our overweight dog. He suffered acute kidney failure, and we believe […]

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Why I love my Fiance

November 21st, 2005
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Sometimes, I am blatantly reminded of one of the many reasons why I love my fiance. You may know my fiance as Skydweller – she can be seen on occasion playing games over Xbox Live.

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