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New sunrise, new year

January 1st, 2012
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My previous sunrise excursion seemed popular with the locals (the wife, as well as Thing 1 and Thing 2 (Baxter and Pebbles) ) so I thought I would try it again.  This time I planned it in advance – and gave the wife fair notice.  While the roads to the beach were nearly empty, we […]

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Daybreak on Eastern Shores

September 3rd, 2011
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I was up early and noticed that the sky was lightening in the east, it seems to do that on a daily basis. On a whim, I thought that I should see the sunrise from the beach, it being one of the benefits of living on an eastern coast. I was going to hit the […]

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Misty Morning in Florida

December 19th, 2008
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Sometimes it’s good to have a camera close at hand. You would never guess by the photo that: A train was rumbling by less than a hundred meters away. The rail crossing was going ‘DING! DING! DING!’ The dog was barking at someone in another yard. Distant emergency services’ sirens could be heard. Sometime a […]

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