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“What is best in life?”

January 2nd, 2009
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Leaving a friends house this evening with a guitar in one hand and a bottle of Jack in the other – one fake, the other half-empty. Sometimes it’s the simple things…

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Garrett in Crisis! The Xbox Disaster: Day 6

June 28th, 2008
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Celebrating my friend’s birthday, I was able to partake of the Gaming Goodness that is Rock Band.  Just a little hit, but enough to keep me going for a while. Microsoft, make with the fixed console stat!

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Rock Band: The Great Uniter

June 12th, 2008
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As you already know the wife and I are already living the fake musician lifestyle with Rock Band. I came across this article while trolling the blogoshpere: How Rock Band saved my marriage Don’t worry, we’re doing just fine. But there is always some tension when I play ‘my’ games. While I frequently game in […]

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Rock Band: Fun over Xbox LIVE as well

March 26th, 2008
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Gathered some friends for a little Band quickplay over Xbox LIVE. Getting them to join the band was a little spotty, but past the interface to assemble all the players in one room, the game was rock-steady. Nothing like chatting / providing chorus while Rocking Out. The wife is already asking for Billy Joel and […]

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Rock Band: It’s not a game, it’s a freakin’ lifestyle choice…

March 24th, 2008
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Discussion over, consensus reached. I picked up the ‘Special Edition’ version for my Xbox 360 today at a local Target. It isn’t cheap – $181 with local sales tax – but it does come with a lot of crap: Large, 4-pad drum kit* with bass kick pedal and real drum sticks A slightly scaled down […]

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